We have taken the links down from the website to the St Magnus Way App for now as we have had reports of difficulties using the app and are working to resolve these. We'll let you know as soon as this has been rectified.

The St Magnus Way app allows you to access pilgrimage resources relevant to your location whilst you walk. Think of it like a museum tour guide in your pocket. Along the route are Bluetooth Beacons – low energy transmitters that speak to your phone and tell it which resources to offer you. You can then view or play these files to find out more about where you are and reflect in various ways on the landscape and stories.

About the app

The app was originally developed by the Rushen Heritage Trust in the Isle of Man, in partnership with Fuzzelogic solutions. If you have enjoyed the St Magnus Way there are long distance walks and pilgrimage routes in the Isle of Man to explore. See www.isleofmanwalks.com for more information.

Using the app

You need to install the app before walking and, within the app, you also need to download content for offline use. This means you then don’t need wifi or a 4G signal whilst you walk. This is helpful as some sections of the route have no phone signal at all and most of Orkney is still 2G.

Top tips for using the app

  • Switch bluetooth on before you start and open the app.
  • We recommend switching your phone to vibrate – this prevents intrusive electronic noises whilst walking, for you and others.
  • To use it offline, click the hamburger icon at the top left, swipe the always use the internet button to the left, then in the section list, swipe the button to the right next to the section you want to download.
  • For now, there are limited resources in the first three sections, with nothing from Finstown onwards.
  • If you tap on 'Evie to Birsay' you'll then see a list of places - these are in walking order from the start to the end of the section
  • Tap on a place and you can read some information and then access photos, video, audio and documents.
  • Each beacon offers a range of resources – you don’t need to access all of them.Find your own balance between thought provoking interpretation and reflection from others and the chance to dwell with your own thoughts and feelings, as well as those of any companions on the way.
  • For walking we recommend mostly sticking to the audio tab. Tap on a file to listen to it, tap again to pause.
  • To change to listening to a different file you need to press back and select audio again (we're working on this)
  • Headphones are necessary – we are predominantly using audio files so that you can walk and listen at the same time.
  • The app also works with tablets – so if you’d rather keep your phone switched off, use another device instead.
  • The app is optional! All information is here on the website and you may prefer to access resources before you go or after you return.
  • If you are having problems installing the app, please contact our technical support.

This project is being part financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Orkney LEADER 2014 – 2020 Programme

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