On 4th June the St Magnus Way is launching a crowdfunding campaign in conjunction with Calor Gas with an initial target of £1,500. It has been set up to build a virtual experience for pilgrims who, due to barriers of distance and mobility issues, cannot walk the Way in person. Pilgrimage should be accessible to all and we hope that this, in addition to structural improvements, will contribute to that end.

Any additional award from Calor is dependent on community support being demonstrated. By visiting our campaign page and clicking “like” or hitting the “share” button, you add one point to our total. A pledge, i.e. donation, of any amount, big or small, to our crowdfunding campaign, will grant us 10 points. We need as many points as possible in order to have a chance of qualifying.

Since the Magnus 900 year in 2017, hundreds of pilgrims from far and wide have participated in the commemoration of Orkney’s patron saint by booting up and heading out across the West Mainland over each of the St Magnus Way’s sections. In some places, however, the route is more challenging than it needs to be, and part of the money raised from this campaign will be used to improve the path in certain areas.

We are in the process of developing a virtual St Magnus Way using spectacular drone footage by Colin Keldie, which will enable would-be pilgrims with accessibility issues to experience the beauty and drama of the walk alongside all the audio and textual resources on the historical significance of each waypoint, as well as materials for spiritual reflection.

Sample footage from Evie to Birsay section of the Way

When we established the St Magnus Way, we knew that parts of the route went over rough terrain and unsteady ground, but this was done with a view to future improvement. This project also aims to add several gates (reducing the need to clamber over stiles) and move fences in a couple of areas to increase safety.

Orkney Pilgrimage is seeking £1,500 out of the total cost of £4,000, leaving £2,500 which we aim to achieve by gaining enough points to be eligible for a prize. We do have some reserves to make up a shortfall if we are not selected, however, and if we exceed our initial target on top of funding provided by Calor, all money will go towards further improvement of the Way.

Project costs
3 gates£1,500
Moving fences£500
Drone footage£2,000
Total cost£4,000

Walking the St Magnus Way is no stroll, but it engaged me in imaginative, challenging and diverse ways. I glimpsed God in history, creation and people, through getting to know more about St Magnus, being blown away by the landscapes and wildlife, and getting an insight into Orkney life today including generous hospitality.

Published on June 2nd 2020

This project is being part financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Orkney LEADER 2014 – 2020 Programme