While the UK is no longer in total COVID-19 lockdown, social distancing measures remain in place for people who do not live in the same household and the size of gatherings has been limited under those conditions for groups meeting indoors and outside.

This has implications for parties wishing to walk the various sections of the St Magnus Way and we are updating our guidelines accordingly. Additionally, we want to reiterate safety precautions to take when walking through farmland.

Orkney has reopened to tourism since mid-July and with many of our summer events cancelled, there has been increasing interest in exploring the natural environment both outwith the islands and from locals. Whether you’re Orcadian or otherwise, we encourage you to plan your trip to comply with government guidelines, limiting group size and, if you need to use transport, using separate cars for different households.

When walking sections where there are farm gates and stiles, be mindful of contact points. The map below highlights certain parts of the route where there are regularly handled hard surfaces:

We request that anyone walking the St Magnus Way either wears a pair of gloves or uses hand gel before and after opening/closing any gate.

Be responsible and walk by yourself or only with five others from your own or one other household. You need to keep at least two meters apart from people who are not members of your household. Children under the age of 12, however, are exempt from these rules and do not count towards your maximum of six.

Please wash your hands thoroughly before you set out and when you get home.

On behalf of all at the St Magnus Way, we encourage you to enjoy the pilgrimage route safely. Keep well and keep others well.

While this guidance is given as of September 2020 the situation is changing week by week, so be sure to follow the latest official advice.

Published on September 16th 2020

This project is being part financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Orkney LEADER 2014 – 2020 Programme